The only exhibition in Korea specializing in micro/nanosystems

MNS Korea is the only event in Korea where the industrial, academic and research communities in the field of micro- and nano-systems (MNS) put all of their core capabilities on display, unveiling R&D achievements and applied technologies and creating business opportunities to trade in equipment and services required for manufacturing. As part of the exhibition, a symposium is held to portray both the present and future of the latest MNS systems. Come and participate in MNS Korea to get the most out of the exhibition, which provides an opportunity for interchange and business cooperation with people from related fields.

MNS Korea helps generate practical business results.

Visitors to MNS Korea are mostly final and mid-level decision makers. They seek to facilitate new business or product innovation drives, plan and execute a national R&D project or discover a new partner by introducing the latest technologies and solutions, such as a convergence technology that combines nanotechnology and biotechnology/medicine with MEMS technology or a new MEMS-based nano/micro manufacturing technology. It turns out that 70 percent of all visitors are buyers, and about 50% of them are final and mid-level decision makers, which fits the nature of this business-oriented exhibition.